What is CAMHPRO?


CAMHPRO, founded in 2012, is a 501(c)3 non-profit incorporated consumer-run statewide organization consisting of member entities, which are established, independent and successful consumer-run organizations, and individual consumer members.

CAMHPRO’s mission is: “to transform communities and the mental health system throughout California to empower, support, and ensure the rights of consumers, eliminate stigma, and advance self-determination for all those affected by mental health issues by championing the work of consumers and consumer-run organizations.”

The specific purpose of CAMHPRO is to promote the work and mission of peer run organizations devoted to advocacy and empowerment for mental health consumers.


California Association of Mental Health Peer-Run Organizations (CAMHPRO) is an incorporated non-profit consumer-run statewide organization consisting of member entities which are consumer-run organizations and programs, and individuals.

4 thoughts on “What is CAMHPRO?”

  1. Every single Peer Advocate on EVERY level, as well as EVERY Mental Health Organization, NAMI, MHS, NEXT STEPS PAN ASIAN, everyone needs to be involved in your effort for State Certification. Lets train PEERS to carry this message to each MH Facility utilizing Peers.
    Mental Health lives matter TOO! Lets MARCH for attention!
    Julia Nava

  2. What about the parents and grandparents of elementary/secondary school students who fall under ESSA (Every Student Shall Succeed Act), Public Law 114-95 coverage. Federal law mandates parents to be empowered and to establish afterschool programs in nearby neighborhood churches. Custom and tradition also require state and federal programs like IDEA,SSI, Alta Regional developmentally disabled resources be used by biological caretakers and other guardians who serve in the rule as parents and who are mental health consumers, and in many cases have wards who or second or third generation child to youth mental health consumers, and still not receiving; all of the guidance and rewards that are promised by laws and regulations.

    As a course of action ….. Established mental health consumer groups affiliated with CAMHPRO (California Association of Mental Health Peer Run Organization) needs to train parents and grandparents as peer advocates who can successfully cross the generation gap of being a child to adult mental health consumer. Parents need to be trained that they are Peer Advocates and they should be financed by public mental health authorities to outreach and mobilize school parents who are low to moderate income and floundering around in urban/rural school areas unengaged with the forces of synergy that’s evolving a Mental Health Presence in Schools Act, as proposed, by Congresswoman Grace Napolitano of the 39th Congressional District (California) as a federal bill to be enacted during the 1st Session of the 115th Congress.

    Let’s build the machinery to assist in the armies of activist that are organized already by State, Local, Community-Based, and Faith-Based Organizations. Seminally speaking, we just have to come together and develop a far reaching plan of logistics. Of course, established organizations need to donate concrete resources so that we sustain our original vigor until enactment and institutional adoption. It’s expected that this program will live on in perpetuity since who is cancel out Education and Mental Health has hardcore line items in the State or Governor’s Budget for California?

  3. I’m grateful for CAMHPRO and all the organizations, individuals and other groups that are moving forward toward recovery, resiliency and rehabilitation efforts. And that’s true, we all need to participate right where we are at by writing to our officials on all levels to secure our strong efforts and peer movement and to eliminate all stigma associated and discrimination to stop. I wish my dream comes true one day. But this isn’t a perfect World. But, together we can show up and show off; especially, again on all levels of government by taking action, getting involved, volunteering, making a difference by participating. I wish for all people to continue to work together and to strive showing, giving kindness to all who cross our paths. Hope is alive and well within us. Sometimes it just simply takes a smile or a listening ear. But more than often, it takes the willingness to just get in and help.

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