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Take Action SB1338


Call to Action:
SB 1338 (CARE Court)

CAMHPRO opposes SB 1338 (CARE Court). Mark your calendars and call your Assembly Members on August 1st!

From the Western Center on Law & Poverty

Please join us for a Day of Action AGAINST Care Court on Monday August 1.

Background: The Assembly Appropriations Committee is set to hear SB 1338, a bill that we strongly oppose on Wednesday August 3. If the bill passes Appropriations, it is expected to head to a full vote by the Assembly shortly thereafter.

This proposal fails to provide fundamental housing needs, robust supportive services, and fully-funded intensive and voluntary treatment.

Additionally, it would:

  • Fail to achieve the stated goal, as studies show coercive treatment is ineffective
  • Perpetuate institutional racism and worsen health disparities
  • Violate the autonomy and civil rights of people with mental health disabilities
  • Fail to address underfunded and inaccessible housing, health, and behavioral health systems
  • The bill has only received ONE no vote this year.

We are calling on individuals, organizations and allies who OPPOSE Care Court to call their legislators to urge a NO vote on SB 1338 when the proposal comes before them for a vote.

Mark your calendar. Here’s how you can help on August 1: