Don’t Forget the ABCs of Advocacy!

“CAMHPRO’s ABC’s of Advocacy” is a series of three webinars on the basics and details of how you can participate in the California community program planning process in a meaningful and effective manner. These three webinars are interactive through polling, questions and answers, and prompt you to take the next steps. These webinars also serve as recommended training prior to CAMHPRO’s local onsite six-hour workshop, “Delivering Your ABC’s of Advocacy” customized to the specific county where it is to be held (scheduled by request).

Audience: California stakeholders of public behavioral health policy and services: primarily consumers, and also family members, community based organizations, county staff and conveners of community program planning meetings.

Schedule of Webinars

Webinar A: Advocacy Basics
April 4, 2018 at 10:00 AM

What will be covered:

  • What is advocacy, who are stakeholders and why advocate.
  • Consumer roots of the law, the Mental Health Service Act (MHSA) and regulations for Stakeholder involvement in planning mental health services.
  • A bird’s eye view of who the County decision-makers are and how you can participate.
  • Access to basic terms and acronyms used in Behavioral Health and where you can go to find county contacts.

Webinar B: Best Community Planning Practices
April 18, 2018 at 10:00 AM

What will be covered:

  • Types of County meetings and various stakeholder participation or roles
  • Meeting mechanics, culture and etiquette
  • MHSA stakeholder community planning best principles & practices applied to different stakeholder roles.
  • What to look for in county budgets and plans.
  • More resources to become a meaningful stakeholder

Webinar C: Community Planning; How to Work It
May 2, 2018 at 10:00 AM

What will be covered:

  • More on applying the MHSA community planning best principles & practices
  • How you compose and give public comment.
  • How you get on decision-making boards/councils.
  • Next steps to being a meaningful stakeholder.


  • Karin Lettau, Director of Training
  • Sally Zinman, CAMHPRO Executive Director

Funded by the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

San Diego’s Up2SD – It’s Up to Us Campaign!

The It’s Up to Us campaign is designed to empower San Diegans to talk openly about mental illness, recognize symptoms, utilize local resources and seek help. By raising awareness and providing access to local resources, we aim to inspire wellness, reduce stigma and prevent suicide. Recovery is possible and help is available. It’s Up to Us to make a difference in the lives of San Diegans experiencing mental health challenges by offering support and providing opportunities.

This campaign is developed through the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, and supports the County’s Live Well San Diego vision to promote a community that is healthy, safe and thriving.

Crisis Line 888-724-7240

If You Know Someone in Crisis

Suicide Prevention
National Institute of Mental Health

Call the toll-free National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL) at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service is available to everyone. The deaf and hard of hearing can contact the Lifeline via TTY at 1-800-799-4889. All calls are confidential. Contact social media outlets directly if you are concerned about a friend’s social media updates or dial 911 in an emergency.  Learn more on the NSPL’s website.

Each Mind Matters

Each Mind Matters is California’s Mental Health Movement. We are millions of individuals and thousands of organizations working to advance mental health. The mental health movement certainly didn’t start with us, but Each Mind Matters was created to unite all of us who share a vision of improved mental health and equality.

Every day, millions of people face stigma related to mental health because they or their loved ones are facing a challenge. Many of these people feel isolated and alone, going years before receiving any help. Our goal is to amplify the voices of all people who want to put an end to this stigma, creating a community where everyone feels comfortable reaching out for the support they deserve.

SB 906 ALERT! Health Committee Hearing Date is Tomorrow, March 14, at 1:30 PM!

Dear Stakeholders,
The positive CA Senate Health Committee Bill Analysis in posted.
Click HERE to READ ANALYSIS and see if your organization was one that wrote a support letter. It’s not too late to write a letter in support, see template below-it will be added to the next analysis!
Tomorrow is the SB 906 (Beall and Anderson) “Certified Support Specialist (CSS)” Committee Hearing. See more below. Please lend your voice to this effort however you can!
Also below the SB 906 Fact Sheet, the Stakeholder Historical Timeline and the vetted 17 Stakeholder Recommendations.
Please share this information with all your colleagues and peers and thanks so much!
Send a Support Letter to the Legislative Committee
emails are at bottom of letter in CC
Please send letter ASAP to be counted in analysis for Senate Committee Hearing
Lend Your Voice at the Senate Health Committee Hearing
March 14, 2018, 1:30 PM
Sacramento Capitol Building
John L. Burton Hearing Room 4203
Measure: S.B.No. 906 Author: Beall & Anderson
Summary: Medi-Cal: mental health services: peer, parent, transition-age, and family support specialist certification.

SB 906 Support Letter

SB 906 Support Letter Template

Fill out the above template!
Email your letter today!

SB 906 makes sense from both a policy and fiscal perspective and will provide more comprehensive assistance to people in need. Please do your part to bring California up to speed with the rest of the nation in recovery and resiliency services through a State protocol for Medi-CAL billing and Certification of peer and family support specialists.

SB 906: Peer Certification 
introduced by
Senator Beall and Senator Anderson

CAMHPRO and California stakeholders
We look forward to working with both Senators, co authors Hertzberg and Pan, and the bill’s sponsor, the Steinberg Institute, to bring long awaited peer certification to California.

SB 906 The Bill

Peer Provider Certification Fact Sheet

Peer Certification SB 906, First Hearing March 14: Send Support Letters Now!



SB 906 (Beall (D) and Anderson (R) Goes to the Health Committee Wednesday March 14 at 1:30 pm.

Use these documents to make your voice heard

Health Committee Meeting:

State Capitol, Room 2191
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4111

CAMHPRO and California stakeholders look forward to working with both Senators, co authors Hertzberg and Pan, and the bill’s sponsor, the Steinberg Institute, to bring long awaited peer certification to California.