Education & Trainings

Here, you will find upcoming events, recordings and/or photos of previous events, and up-to-date content regarding mental health advocacy and outreach in other communities.

ABCs of Advocacy : “CAMHPRO’s ABC’s of Advocacy” is a series of three webinars on the basics and details of how you can participate in the California community program planning process in a meaningful and effective manner. These three webinars are interactive through polling, questions and answers, and prompt you to take the next steps. These webinars also serve as pre-requisite training for CAMHPRO’s local onsite five-hour workshop, “Delivering Your ABC’s of Advocacy” to be held later this year.

Regional Policy Forums : County to county policy forums throughout California

Monthly Webinar : What was known as the California State Peer, Transition Age, Parent & Family Support Certification Program Senate Bill 614 (Leno-D) is now dead. Now what? We must craft a new proposal for the next legislative session in January, 2017. We want to honor the extensive former stakeholder process and those recommendations made.

Peer Specialist Core Competency Training (PSCCT) : CAMHPRO is currently providing PSCCT for eight (8) counties and community based agencies in six (6) superior region counties through an OSHPD Public Mental/Behavioral Health Workforce Retention contract. Stay tuned.

Webinars : Bills on the move and more