Howie The Harp

The individual receiving The Howie T. Harp Award will be announced and awarded at the Consumer Conference. It is our way of acknowledging …

  • A) Self-Identified Consumer
  • B) Statewide leadership in furthering the goals of the consumer movement in advocacy and/or services;
  • C) Longtime service.
Photo Courtesy of Sally Zinman

Howie The Harp was a legendary leader of the client movement in California and the nation. Howie started the first consumer run organization in the United States, the Insane Liberation Front in Oregon. He went on to start drop-in centers in New York and California. His work was primarily focused on advocating for homeless and poor people with mental disabilities. The movement lost him too early as he passed away at the young age of 42, but not before he left a lasting imprint on the peer/consumer community. Along with a handful of tremendous pioneers he set a trajectory for peer-run services and peer/consumer advocacy that we continue today. The Howie T. Harp award was initiated by our predecessor, California Network of Mental Health Clients.


Reaching Across: Mental Health Clients Helping Each Other EBook by Sally Zinman, Howie the Harp, and Su Budd.


Photo Courtesy of Sally Zinman


Location: 2090 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd 12th Floor NY NY 10027 – Central Harlem
Howie the Harp Advocacy Center (HTH), a peer-run program, prepares people in mental health recovery for employment in Human Services.

Training For Experience Expert: The website’s language is in Dutch, but translation works well. These three offices are located in the Netherlands.

  • Howie the Harp ™ Rotterdam
    Koninginneweg 300
    3078 GS Rotterdam
    T: 010-87 00 740
  • Howie the Harp ™ Arnhem
    In Weerd
    Weerdjesstraat 168
    6811 JH Arnhem
    T: 026-442 42 36
  • Howie the Harp ™ Tilburg
    Wester Lane 4
    5037 BD Tilburg
    T: 013-54 44 039
    M: 06-11 56 37 43
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