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Core or Associate Members are incorporated, independent non profit organizations that have a board of directors that is at least 51 % mental health peers/consumers, employs a Director/Chief Officer that identifies as a mental health peer/consumer, and employs a majority of staff members who identify as mental health peers/consumers. Associate Members are consumer-operated programs that are not incorporated, independent non profit and may be under the umbrella of an incorporated, independent non profit, and who meet two of three of the requirements for Core Members.

Individual Members are mental health consumers, defined by CAMHPRO as a person who has (or had) a mental health issue that has disrupted his or her education, employment, physical health, housing, social connections and/or quality of life and has used behavioral health (mental health) services and/or used or sought out alternative culturally relevant supports. He or she has experienced stigma, been discriminated against or socially excluded because of this condition. Also, someone who is not staff or in the leadership (Board of Directors, Advisory Committee) of an organization/program that is a member of CAMHPRO. Staff and persons in leadership roles (Board/Steering Committee/Advisory Committee) of an organizational member cannot be an individual member.


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