Know How …

It’s important to know how to do things a specific way when contacting legislators, advocating for change, and supporting or opposing a bill. Here, you’ll find documentation that’ll explain these things and much more.

County BHB Dates Locations Feb 2019This document will give you detailed information regarding county boards throughout CA.

How to Write Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor: Op-Eds and letters to the Editor are short articles in a newspaper’s Editorial Section. Letters are usually about 250 words or less. Op-Eds about 800 words. Contact your local publisher to learn the requirements. Letters generally respond to a previous article in the paper. Op-Ed stands for either opposite the editorial page, or opinions & editorials (depending on which source you believe). Click HERE for an online resource.

How to write fact sheets and action alerts: The point of a fact sheet or action alert is to get the reader to do something. More information than you need to convince them is a waste of the reader’s time and risks losing their attention. Make it as easy as possible for them to take your action. If you want them to make a call, give them the number. If you want a legislator to vote yes on a bill, give him the bill number and title. Click HERE for an online resource.

How to Visit a Policymaker: Meeting face-to-face with a policymaker allows you to fully explain your concerns, allows them to ask questions and develops a better understanding of the issue for both of you. It is also an important part of developing relationships into the future. Click HERE for an online resource.

How to Organize a RallyLearn how you can develop the proper way to organize a rally. Get together with your peers and make your voice heard.

Action Plan Template Sample: This document will help consumers learn how to write, create, and execute an action plan. This particular action plan template is focused on SB614. Keep in mind this is a sample template, and it’s used as a guide.

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