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Together Take Action &
Be Change Agents

Build Capacity

Reach &
Reflect Diversity

The California Association of Mental Health Peer Run Organizations (CAMHPRO) is proud to promote the Peer Action League of California (PAL). PAL is advisory to and the action arm of CAMHPRO.  PAL is supported by the Statewide Consumer Network Grant under the U. S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) that spans three years. We are now in year three April 1, 2021 to March 30, 2022.
PAL’ Program Manager is Karin Lettau, MS, Training Director.

Connect & Network

PAL networks consumer-run programs (CRP)  and individuals with lived experience together to pursue common self-defined goals, and to build the capacity of each partner, and of CAMHPRO.

Build Capacity

PAL nurtures a symbiotic relationship between CAMHPRO and peer run organizations and individuals with lived experience. CAMHPRO provides PAL with staffing and administration, technical assistance on organizational infrastructure issues, educational policy forums, advocacy trainings, and webinars focused on peer support. State peer PAL members actively participate in PAL’s action groups, meetings, trainings, and as statewide peer representatives. CAMHPRO and its peer partners are learning from each other and growing, building a more robust consumer infrastructure around the State.

Reach & Reflect Diversity

PAL reaches out and reflects the diversity of CA, the most diverse state in the union, as well as focus on  California’s small counties, that face unique challenges for people with disabilities, children, and the elderly around transportation and access, extreme isolation and lack of services. One of the PAL Action Committees is the Cultural Racial & Ethnic Health Equity Committee.

Together Take Action & Be Change Agents

CAMHPRO’s purpose is to transform the behavioral health system through peer leadership in policy and services. Consumers take leadership roles in policy and services, as change agents for California’s behavioral health system.  Through PAL and related activities, CAMHPRO:

1. Increases and strengthens peer-run organizations across California (CA), including assisting new peer run organizations to form, and assisting existing peer-run organizations to grow.

2. Enhances peer leadership in the State by providing advocacy training and policy education; supports peer representation at state-level policy bodies and venues.

3. Guides the implementation of peer certification in California and increases peer providers throughout the State.

Peer Action League Events for PAL Members (PALMs)
  • Quarterly Webinars to “Grow & Sustain Peer Run Agency/Programs”
  • Year 3: One online peer forum to address the needs of diverse communities (southern region) and one ONSITE 2-day  Statewide Conference
  • State Advocacy webinar series assisting peers to have an effective stakeholder voice in community planning and decision-making meetings.
  • Monthly peer support webinars training peers on Peer Best Practices, supporting peers in the workforce and updating on the implementation peer specialist standardization and certification in CA. 
  • Enhance peer representation on State-level policy bodies by assisting and empowering peers throughout the State to serve on these bodies.
  • 2 PAL Action Committees Meet Online: Peer Workforce, Cultural Racial & Ethnic Health Equity. (Public Policy is now under the LEAD program).
  • Quarterly PAL Members (PALMs) Meetings.  Meet Online to share progress and outcomes from Action Committees, and to plan collective next steps.

Join PAL! Become a PAL Member (PALM)

Do you want to be part of something that is greater than yourself? Join PAL! PAL is open to all persons with lived experience and consumer run programs and organizations. Become part of an action league whose goal is no short than to transform the behavioral health system.
See PALM Applications links below.

INDIVIDUAL Peer Action League Member (PALM) Application
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PEER RUN PROGRAM/ORGANIZATIONAL Peer Action League Member (PALM)  Application
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