The specific purpose of CAMHPRO is to promote the work and mission of peer-run organizations devoted to advocacy and empowerment for mental health consumers. Through championing the work of consumer-run programs, CAMHPRO will work on local, regional, and statewide levels to promote:

The involvement of consumers at all levels of planning, policy, and programming for mental health and related systems;

Advocacy efforts

  • To eliminate stigma and discrimination and promote social inclusion
  • To protect the rights of people with mental health issues, with special focus on self determination and choice;

Consumer employment

  • Employment opportunities at all levels of the mental health system, including government and contract agencies
  • Growth of high quality peer support services and the peer support model across health sector
  • Support for career development and advancement for consumers in all employment;

Training and Education

  • Technical assistance for the development and growth of peer run organizations and programs
  • Leadership, advocacy, organizational development, and empowerment training for groups and individuals
  • Conferences and other educational opportunities.
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