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CAMHPRO's purpose is to promote the work and mission of peer-run organizations and individual peers devoted to advocacy and empowerment for mental health consumers. In our work, we provide legislative updates, advocacy training, and policy forums to uplift the peer voice to policymakers from the local to state level.

Additionally, we provide various platforms for peer advocates to share their voices and advocate for their incredible work. By coordinating educational visits with California Senators and Assembly Members, organizing attendance for legislative hearings, and providing regular calls to action, we are committed to uplifting our peers in their mental health advocacy.

CAMHPRO's advocacy message is that we believe in self-determination and choice. We also support holistic services and culturally sensitive practices. We recognize that mental health is rooted in community health and social justice.

Peers must be at the center of all decisions that affect them. Peer leadership will bring about a fundamental transformation of the behavioral health system.