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Meditation Prompt Writing

Event Registration (Step 1/3)

Event Registration

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Meditation Prompt Writing
Registration Deadline:
  • Open group for anyone wanting to meditate, write, and learn
  • Establish comfort agreement & group guidelines with option to modify
  • Time – punctual & patient: be on time and allow each person to finish sharing
  • Depending on group size, each person has 3 to 5-minutes to share
  • Silence (mute notifications on laptop or phone)
  • Confidentiality – what is shared in group stays in group
  • Sobriety – please participate
  • Mutual respect – embody how you would want to be to feel seen and heard
  • Honor personal experiences – look for ways to affirm or acknowledge
  • Avoid offering advice or problem-solving unless speaker asks for it or consents
  • Generalizing (use first person language – substitute “I” for “you” or “we”)
  • No crosstalk (attentive listening)
  • Response/advice (ask what is needed after sharing)
  • No Sarcasm/profanity
  • No Blaming, bashing, name-calling
  • Parking lot available (shelf concerns for next session)