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Expanding our online footprint

Expanding our online footprint | CAMHPRO

Welcome to month two of our newly revised monthly newsletter! The interactive newsletter tied to our website is one of many updates and changes we are making at CAMHPRO. We hope to continue Sally’s (our founder’s) legacy and vision advocating for peers and a mental health system without forced treatment by maintaining the level of programs CAMHPRO has offered so far.

We are also going to take this vision further through strategic planning to expand our online footprint and resources, restructure and rebuild our membership, and create new opportunities to nurture and grow peer organizations and leadership.

Here is a preview of what’s ahead:

Website Updates

Most of this year, CAMHPRO has been rebuilding our website, page by page. Starting in October, we are expanding our capacity and will be able to finally add videos, resources, event announcements, and other valuable content.


We want membership at CAMHPRO to be an asset and a resource to encourage and enable networking among peer run organizations, to engage members in advocacy opportunities, and to build organizational capacity within each member agency while enriching opportunities for new organizations to develop and grow. In the new year, look for your chance to join and receive access to special benefits through a Member Portal on our website!

NEW Program

“Building Peer Leadership in California” starts this month! CAMHPRO is launching a new federally funded program providing training to peer run organizations on how to grow and thrive. There will also be statewide forums to advance diversity and persons of color in peer leadership positions and continued work on supporting peers in the state certification process.

Certification Support

Peer Empowerment Partnership trainers are expanding their training to support individual peers across the state to form regional, county, or city groups to organize exam study sessions and to learn together. Contact your regional trainer for more information.

Legislation Subcommittee

The Public Policy Committee is raising the bar on advocacy. See the newsletter for information about a new subcommittee forming to write, create and promote legislative proposals to advance peer support programs in California.

I hope you stick with us until the dust clears and share in these exciting opportunities ahead! Have a great October!

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